Guest Beers

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As an award winning Cask Ale Pub, we always have a wide selection of Guest Beers available.  The Black Sheep Bitter is our only resident beer. Included below is our current Beer & Cider Menu as of 3rd June 2014.

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Hop Kettle Cricklade Tricerahops 4.3
Hop Kettle Cricklade North Wall 4.3
Hop Kettle Cricklade ESB 5.3
Hop Kettle Cricklade Saison 5.7
Hop Kettle Cricklade Blood Wheat 5.7
Hop Kettle Cricklade Snakes Head 7.0
First Chop Salford AVA 3.5
First Chop Salford SIP 5.4
First Chop Salford TEA 5.0
First Chop Salford SYL 6.2
Blue Bee Sheffield Tangled up IPA 6.0
Brass / Bad Seed Malton Grizzly DIPA 8.2
Instant Karma Chesterfield Test Brew 1 3.9
Instant Karma Chesterfield Test Brew 2 4.5
Instant Karma Chesterfield Shambhala ESB 5.0
Instant Karma Chesterfield Sutra IPA 5.5
Dunscar Br Bolton Rialto 47 3.9
Dunscar Br Bolton True North 4.1
Dunscar Br Bolton D.B.B. 4.1
Gadds Ramsgate Magical Mystery 4.0
Bad Seed Malton India Pale Ale 6.1
Black Jack Machester Black Bird Stout 4.9
Brown Ales Chesterfield Into the wild 4.0
Brown Ales Chesterfield Twilight 4.4
Alechemy Livingston Blackaye PA 4.8
Alechemy Livingston Amarillo Burst 5.3
Alechemy Livingston Citra Burst 5.4
Wharfebank Pool in Wharfedale Printers Ink 3.7
Wharfebank Pool in Wharfedale The Mexican 5.5
London Fields Hackney Hackney Hopster 4.2
London Fields Hackney Black Path Porter 4.2
London Fields Hackney Shoreditch Triangle 6.0
Black Sheep Masham Best 3.8
Black Sheep Masham Velo 4.2
Roosters Knaresborough Yankee 4.3
Roosters Knaresborough Astro 4.3
Roosters Knaresborough Last Stand 4.3
Roosters Knaresborough The Accomplice 5.7
York York Guzzler 3.6
Kirkstall Kirkstall Contemplation 7.0
H.D.M Huddersfield Sumatran Rat 7.2
Anarchy Morpeth Citrastar 4.1
Anarchy Morpeth Urban Assault 5.0
Anarchy Morpeth Grin & Bare it 5.0
Anarchy Morpeth Sublime Chaos 7.0
Magic Rock Huddersfield Bearded Lady 10.5
Ska Brewing Colorado (USA) Modus Hoperandi 6.8
Bad Seed Malton IPA 7.3
Kirkstall Kirkstall 3 Swords 4.7
Camden Camden Ink Stout 4.4
Brasserie des Sources St. Armand (France) Bellerose 6.5
Brass Castle / Bad Seed Matton Grizzly DIPA 8.2
Roosters / Odell Knaresborough The Accomplice 5.7
Mr Whiteheads Selborne Boxing Dog 7.5
Mr Whiteheads Selborne Cirrus Minor 5.0
Broadoak Bristol Premium Perry 7.5
Broadoak Bristol Moonshine 7.5
Broadoak Bristol Bristol Port 6.0
Olivers Ocle Pychard Medium 6.7
Olivers Ocle Pychard Perry 6.5
Moorlands North Newbold Med Sweet 6.4
Moorlands North Newbold Med Dry 6.4
Orchard Pig West Bradley Dry Cider 6.5
Sanford Orchard Fordton Fannys Bramble 4.0
Sanford Orchard Fordton Devon Scrumpy 6.0
Biddendens Biddenden Dry 8.0
Ribble Valley Clitheroe Gold 6.2
Westcrofts Burnham-on-Sea Janets Jungle Juice 6.0
Gwynt Y Ddraig Pontypridd Fiery Fox 6.5
Gwynt Y Ddraig Pontypridd Black Dragon 7.2
Gwynt Y Ddraig Pontypridd Dog Dancer 6.5
Gwynt Y Ddraig Pontypridd Two Trees Perry 4.5
Rathays Hereford Old Goat 7.4
Rathays Hereford Yellow Donkey 7.4
Ross on Wye Peterstow Whiskey Cask 6.5
We will always have four scrumpy ciders
Available above is a selection of some that we will be selling.